Intro to Catholicism 101…. or 101 reasons I wouldn’t become a Catholic

Interesting title.. wouldn’t you agree.  If you are not a Catholic…the second title is probably the one you would pick.  Me too…before I became a Catholic.  I became a Catholic over three years ago.  I wrote three short chapters about events in my life that led me to join the Catholic church which is under my blog heading…”The Catholic Way”.  There were so many other stories I could have included about my journey…God incidences that led me on this journey and perhaps along the way you will hear more about those “God incidences”.

I have already stated that I am not scholar, or a professional writer…but what I am and know that many of you are as well … “Christian”.  We all hold that in common and love God.   Right up front, please forgive me if I offend you with anything I write… that is not my purpose.  But as I said in an early blog…”When you find something so precious – so life changing, you want others to experience it too”…this is where my heart is coming from.  So we may agree to disagree…but in the bond of Christian love we must try to understand.

There are many books written about these topics that will go more in-depth and I will list some for your reading “pleasure” as we go along.

So are you still with me???  I won’t list the 101 reasons I wouldn’t become Catholic as you already may have your own list… but I will tell you in Catholicism 101 what I did learn in my search for truth.

If you are curious about this..then read on to the next post called:

A word… Can it be an obstacle for understanding something?