Chapter three: Oh, ye of little faith!

The doctor said, “I can’t believe it but your lymph nodes are already smaller.. reduced one-half their size.  I just don’t understand it.”

Mother received her first chemo treatment on Dec. 24th.   Not a fun Christmas present.   A couple of weeks after her treatment she became very sick and admitted to the hospital again.

The doctor didn’t understand why my mother was so sick.  They did a CAT scan to see what was going on in her body.  The scan revealed a hiatal hyernia which was probably caused from the vomiting she experienced after chemo treatment. They also noticed that the inoperable massive tumor, wrapped around her intestinal organs, were gone-vanished and the lymph nodes by her kidneys reduced in size.  (Mother’s words:  I asked Dr. Rhinehart if one chemo treatment would do this to me and he shook his head “No”.  I kept saying, “I just can’t believe that!”.  I.H. kept saying, “Believe it, Mary!  That is what we have been praying for!”)

God had been working the miracle all along.  My faith in God was strengthened through this family crisis.  I’ve learned never to doubt God’s assurances…His timing is perfect and all we need to do is trust Him completely.  Yes, oh, ye of little faith… why was I a doubting Thomas rather than a believing Thomas…. perhaps it was because I hadn’t spent enough time with God to know it was His voice that gave me the assurance mother would be ok.  That is why it is so important to talk to God and listen.  He talks to us in different ways… as you spend more time alone with God and listening, you will begin to know His voice.  Just like recognizing a friend’s voice when you hear their voice on the phone… you don’t have to ask who is calling because you recognize their voice.  The reason you know their voice is that you have spent time with them… that is way it is with God.  The more you spend time with Him the easier it will become to recognize His voice speaking to you.

Our mother’s story didn’t end here…. She was 68 years old when diagnosed with cancer…..she was given three months to live…tops.  She lived another 23 years to the honorable age of 91. She was a woman of faith and a very humble woman.  I wish you could have all known her.

So I ask you… when was the last time you talked to God and  listened for Him to speak to you.  Would you recognize His voice?

Thank you for reading a shortened version of our Mother’s cancer story.

Blessings, Marilyn