Countdown….3 days until surgery!

Once again, thank you for your words of encouragement and support.  It really does help keep things in perspective during the waiting period.

I’ve been busy all week preparing for my surgery recovery.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, doing those things I’ve put off for so long.  I am motivated to get things done… of course, I’d rather the reason not be cancer.

My dear daughter Mary volunteered to set up the care calendar web page so my friends and family can sign up to help by bringing meals, help with the garden etc.  Thank you in advance for your kindness and help and thank you dear Mary for your sweet thoughtfulness and help in this way.  You’re the greatest daughter in the world!

Today, I thought I would share a little about the surgery. They are planning to do robotic surgery on me…. reminds me of the Jetson’s cartoon I watched as a teen.   The doctor controls the robot to make 4-5 small incisions on my abdomen wall and then it will remove my uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix and abdominal lymph nodes (at least the ones they can find).   They also take out the lymph nodes because this is first place uterine cancer will spread.   

If the surgery goes well,  I  will be in the hospital on Monday evening and released on Tuesday with an expected recovery time of 2 weeks.  If they end up doing the surgery the old way…with a large incision, my stay in the hospital would be 4-5 days with recovery time of 6 weeks.   It will take one week to get the pathology report back.  If it is clear– I will not need treatment.  If the cancer has invaded more space…then they will discuss a treatment plan.

Removing the lymph nodes can cause the following side affects: nerve damage in legs (already have that from knee surgery), edema in legs (who doesn’t have some swelling in their legs at my age?), cysts forming where lymph nodes once were, and  1-3% of patients develop “elephant leg” where one leg will swell and be that way the rest of your life…needing wrapped every day.    Please pray that I have limited side effects from the removal of the nodes. 

My question… what if there is a power outage????  What does Mr. Robot do then?  I am sure there is a back up power source, but new technology creates new issues.  However, recovery time is better, less blood loss, and not as invasive….all good  things.  Of course, we had storms this evening and lost our power.   I imagine surgery by candle light would not be a good thing!!

The other thing that I am glad they told me –  I will look something like a blow fish after surgery.  In other words, because they have my head lower than the rest of my body during surgery (sorta like a backwards handstand) ….my face will swell up like a big marshmallow.  No pictures please!!  Alien on board!  

There is a very positive side of this surgery besides of getting rid of the cancer……. I will be 5# lighter. 

I am heading out tomorrow a.m. to our lake cottage and will spend two days like a Hippo cooling in the water. 

My sister posted something today on Facebook that I really like and I will close with this…

At times the Master leads where we’d rather not be led.  We fear because we cannot see each step that lies ahead.  Have no fear, for our kind Lord wills only for our good.  We’ve but to place our hands in His and follow as we should.  –Selected

Blessings,  Marilyn

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  1. Great blog Marilyn. I just finished reading all of your posts. I haven’t been on the computer for awhile.

    I know your words are going to be an encouragement for many. I like it when you signed it Auntie M.

    My thoughts and prayer will be with you.

    Love Robin

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