Back Home Again!!!

Home is where your heart is….  I am back home in Middleton after having a successful surgery.

I arrived at UW hospital on Monday 5:30 am…surgery was from 7:30-12:30 and I was back in my hospital room by 3:00 pm.  Had a rough first afternoon because of nausea..but they finally got that under control.

The doctor said surgery went better than expected.  He complimented me and said my insides were all in order and he had plenty of room to work…so he was able to remove all the lymph nodes as well.   He only saw on small spot of cancer and said he would call me in one week with the pathology report.   He cannot see with the naked eye whether they got all the cancer….but knowing that the cancer was a small piece is good news. I’ll let you know the report when I hear back from the doctor.

Oh my…I mentioned in a previous blog I might look like a “blow fish” after surgery, however, my face went down in the recovery room and now I just look like I swallowed a watermelon which should go away in a few days.

I thank you for your prayers, cards, gifts, meals and thoughts this past week and I ask that you continue to pray that  recovery goes well with no blood clots or scar tissue.

I am thankful to all my doctors for listening to me and my symptoms and following through to get this slow-growing cancer addressed.  So my advice to you  is… not ignore any out of the ordinary symptoms you might have…it could save your life. 

Well, I am a bit sleepy…should probably go back to sleep… but I am still on hospital time…waking up every 2 hours!

By the way, I was walking out of the hospital by myself 10:30 am this morning!  Only 29 hours turn around… we talk about fast food lines…well this was a fast surgery line!!  “Surgery to go please!” 

Sure feels good being back home again!  Thanks be to God.

Blessings, Marilyn