Update on Condition

I have not received the pathology reports yet but should within the next couple of days. 

We went to the lake and I relaxed there…didn’t go down to the beach until Sunday.  It was  rough weekend…. almost called the doctor on Sunday but started feeling better by noon on Sunday.  I am still having pain and now realize I am running a low-grade fever.  I just took my temp and it was 101.8 . If I have two consecutive temps within 4 hours that  is over 100.4 then I am told to call the doctor.  Just yesterday I started to take my temperature.  So pray that any infection is healed quickly..

Monday, three of my friends are coming over to do some work around the house.  Light cleaning, laundry, picking garden etc…. I am so very fortunate to have wonderful friends.

Until tomorrow….Blessings,  Auntie M