See you in September…see you when the summers done…

WOW… September arrived so fast…  Well, I am ready to get busy again….  It has been 6 weeks since surgery and I am doing very well.  I still have a PIC line in my arm for the Antibiotics and will hopefully have that removed next Tuesday.  The doctor removed the drainage line yesterday…Yeah!!   Mr doctor told me that it could take six months for my body to heal completely….but I am free to do most anything now.  I am gaining more strength everyday and sleeping very well.

My sister from Indiana visited me for a week.  It was so nice to have her company and help. Thanks sis!

 The following week my daughter and two grandchildren came for a visit.   Mary pampered me and made sure I didn’t lift a finger….  I read a lot of children’s books to Elizabeth and Evan….what a blessing.  Having company helped the days go by quickly.  Thanks Mary!

What now?  I see my Oncologist on Oct. 13th.  Please pray that the lymphatic fluid stops producing.  There is a slim chance I could get fluid build up again…and we don’t want that!!!  I gained around 17# of fluid post surgery..but then lost that fluid and then some  totalling 30#… a very good thing.   

Everybody is getting back into the swing of things now that September is here….   So I hope to see you now that summers done.  I’ll start writing about my mom’s cancer story in future blogs— you won’t want to miss it.  It is an amazing story!

Blessings to each of you….